New Year, New Look For The Daily Grind Magazine Website

  • Clean page and post designs with a strong focus on the content.
  • Easier upload/formatting methods which will be helpful for collaborators.
  • A more dynamic homepage with different sections to grab your eye.
  • A more user friendly mobile experience.

Ultimately this all means that our awesome content is easier to view, easier to find and easier to share with your mates. Luckily through this process we haven’t had to make many trade offs but we do encourage you to let us know by filling out the form located here if you’ve found any issues or if something is broken.

If you haven’t regularly checked out the TDG website now is a good time! We’re keen to post as often as possible to keep it interesting for you.

To our regular readers we appreciate your support and hope you’re stoked with the upgrade.

Peace out y’all!